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To commemorate the introduction of Microsoft Flight Simulator, meet the Xbox Series S suitcase

 Take your Xbox Series S with you on your travels in elegance. In honor of the debut of Microsoft Flight Simulator for Xbox Series consoles, Xbox Australia and New Zealand have teamed up with July, a Melbourne-based luggage firm, to develop the new Xbox Series S bag.

A short glance at the Xbox Series S luggage will immediately bring up memories of the console's appearance. The Series S suitcase is a precise replica of its console equivalent, from the white exterior to the round black vent in the top center.

Inside the bag, there's sufficient froth to keep any mishap from happening to what it might convey. On one side, the froth has a pattern for an Xbox Series S console and another for an Xbox regulator. On the opposite side, there's a pattern for a 17-inch versatile screen. 

Some Australian powerhouses previously got one of these Xbox Series S bags. According to the photographs, it packs an Xbox Series S console, an Xbox regulator, and an Asus XG17 compact screen. Also, every bag accompanies an underlying battery load with 4x diverse USB ports and the Gamertag of the powerhouse that got it printed underneath the handle. 

Those living in Australia and New Zealand get an opportunity to win one of these bags by retweeting and answering the Xbox ANZ post. According to the agreements of the challenge, the prize is esteemed at $3,282 AUD (about $2,410), which may look extravagant for a custom bag, thinking about the equipment inside doesn't cost half of that. 

The Xbox Series S bag comes after Microsoft reported it would deliver an Xbox Series X little cooler. Booked to dispatch this Christmas season, it will be a restricted version item. Estimating hasn't been unveiled at this point.

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