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The Taliban have warned that Turkey's offer to administer Kabul Airport will have 'consequences'

The Taliban have warned that Turkey's offer to administer Kabul Airport will have 'consequences

Shifting our focus now the taliban has won turkey of several severe consequences after ankara offered to provide troops to guard the kabul international airport in a statement from taliban it said and i'm quoting at this point if turkish officials fail to reconsider their decision and continue the occupation of our country then the taliban will take a stand against them the terror group has said that the move will be in violation of its deal with the united states as per the doha agreement all foreign troops must leave afghanistan turkey which is a part of the nato has about 500 troops stationed in afghanistan the troops are part of the group's non-combatant mission turkey offered to provide security to hamid karzai international airport as the withdrawal of u.s troops nears completion in afghanistan so far nato has been handling the airport security doubts have been raised over the afghan government's ability to provide security to the facility turkey and the u.s had earlier agreed to a grade on the scope of how to secure kabul airport under the control of turkish forces after washington's withdrawal a move hailed as an example of in true improved relations between ankara and washington now the nato believes turkey has a key role to play in afghanistan they welcome ankara's involvement in the war-torn country and turkey's relations with many of its nato partners have been strained ever since ankara decided to purchase russian s 400 defense missiles its involvement in afghanistan could become a redeeming factor here experts believe that ankara is even prepared to take on the risky mission in an effort to piece its western partners and strengthen ties.

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