SSC clears the air, confirming that Tuatara did not breach 300 MPH threshold during controversial runs

 This week, SSC North America is back in the news, and it's putting an end to its contentious world record attempt from October 2020. We still don't know exactly what went wrong, but we do know that the 300 MPH threshold was not broken that day.

After releasing a video depicting its flagship vehicle, the Tuatara, surpassing the world record for the fastest production car with an average speed of 316.11 MPH in late 2020, SSC North America finds itself at the focus of controversy (the average of two runs, one hitting 301.07 MPH and the other reaching 331.15 MPH).

Irregularities in the video prompted questions, and that brought about SSC North America conceding that there was a mistake on the altering side identified with the video. The organization pledged to re-try the run and followed through on that guarantee a couple of months after the fact. 

Tragically, the subsequent excursion was defaced by mechanical issues and they eventually just hit 251.2 MPH on their last run before two flash fittings did what needs to be done. 

The story proceeds with this week as SSC North America in a new post on Instagram endeavored to dispel any confusion. "In the event that it hasn't been clarified so far, we might want to recognize formally that we didn't arrive at the initially asserted rates of 331 MPH or even 301 MPH in October of 2020," the post read. 

The group said they were devastated to discover that they didn't accomplish their objective, however, added that they are as yet intending to break the 300 MPH boundary "straightforwardly, authoritatively and without a doubt."

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