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How long does it take you to complete your process? : The Delhi High Court criticizes Twitter for postponing important appointments

How long does it take you to complete your process? : The Delhi High Court criticises Twitter for postponing important appointments

But there seems to be no end to twitter india's troubles in the latest news delhi court slammed twitter for falling to uh for failing to comply with india's new digital guidelines which requires social media sites to now appoint india-based officers twitter said that it was in the process of appointing a resident grievance officer and would need two more weeks now expressing its displeasure over twitter's delays justice reikha pali of delhi high court said and i'm quoting here how long does your process take if twitter thinks it can take as long as it wants in our country i'll not allow that the court also said that twitter is in defiance of india's digital law by not appointing the officers the high court also asked the social media giant as to why no new india-based cravings officer had been appointed after the resignation of its interim officer dharmendra chatter on the 21st of june during the hearing indian government said that twitter was given three months to abide by these guidelines but yet it come it it is yet to come through to this the delhi high court also said that we aren't giving them any protection them referring to twitter we have already made it clear they have no comply they have to comply with the rules and earlier on monday the indian government told the court that twitter had failed to comply as it has not appointed a chief compliance officer a resident grievance officer or a nodal contact person it said that twitter india had also not shown and physical con and physical contact address on its website not just that the government said that twitter appointed a us-based global legal policy director as the grievance officer for india when the rules clearly state that officer must be an indian resident the road ahead for twitter does not seem easy in the past few days the indian government has made it very clear that it won't stand the big tech monopoly and that social media firms need to now comply by the law of land.

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