As he consumes 140,000+ Final Fantasy XIV eggs, a streamer resolves to eat only egg dishes

 Many people believe that streamers have a simple job. They spend their days simply broadcasting themselves playing video games. That portion is, admittedly, simple. The problem lies in persuading people to watch. As a result, content providers may sometimes go to extraordinary measures to obtain those views. One YouTuber has come up with the dumbest idea he's ever had.

Update (07/22/21): RubberNinja woke up from his rest and referenced he was on day three, so the 12+ hour check was not precise. He has all the earmarks of being great behind last year's speed of 1,499 eggs each hour. It is hazy what has eased back him down. 

The first story follows beneath: 

Ross O'Donovan (otherwise known as RubberNinja) is endeavoring to eat somewhere around 139,860 eggs in Final Fantasy XIV, which is the greatest number of eggs you can have in your person's stock (140 heaps of 999). He is streaming the whole occasion, named "Eggwalker," on his Twitch channel. 

RubberNinja got the thought subsequent to getting a huge load of press last August when eating 999 eggs, which he said he did uniquely as a "sh*t-post." To find out about the extent of this test, RubberNinja said it took him 1.5 hours to eat 999 eggs last time. So excluding genuine eating and bathroom breaks, the transmission should run more than 210 hours. 

As though eating 140,000 in-games eggs was not a sufficient test, RubberNinja has likewise forced a few guidelines to his online accomplishment. The eggs should be burned through continually, regardless of whether he is attempting to finish game substance. He will likewise add 999 eggs to his stock for every 1,000 supporters the transmission gets, so the last absolute could be considerably more. As of this post, he has arrived at 4,245 memberships, adding 3,996 eggs to the check. 

At the point when he takes breaks to eat, in actuality, he can just devour dinners containing eggs, and if his endorser check comes to 20,000, he will "become an egg" by shaving his head. During the stream, he will rest on camera too, apparently to demonstrate he's not simply taking an unimportant break. 

O'Donovan said he would begin his substation on Tuesday, yet presently, the stream shows he's just been moving for 12 hours and 45 minutes, so he started off behind schedule. Up until this point, he has burned through 7,300 in-game eggs. Figuring it out (999/1.5*12.75=8,491.5) shows he's somewhat over his August speed. 

He is additionally not without assistance in finishing his test. While he dozes, watchers can type "egg" in talk every 2.5 seconds, and his person will eat one. As I watch, there are 1,793 watchers alternating composing egg constant as RubberNinja dozes on his love seat. It seems he will be in acceptable hands while he rests.

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