Craftsman transforms old GTA characters into exact 3D models

Craftsman transforms old GTA characters into exact 3D models

Ever can't help thinking about what GTA heroes of days gone by would resemble given an advanced reconsidering? Presumably not. Be that as it may, one gifted craftsman has turned the appalling old characters of Tommy, CJ, Claude, and Niko into similar 3D models. 

Kotaku has by and by featured the gifts of character craftsman Hossein Diba, who has reproduced the screw-ups of GTA III, GTA: Vice City, GTA: San Andreas, and GTA IV, alongside San Andreas model, Rochell'le. 

Diba has recently worked with CD Projekt Red, Blizzard Entertainment, the WWE, and then some. Try to look at his arrangement of work here. 

Next is mobster Tommy Vercetti, voiced by Ray Liotta, from GTA: Vice City—the smash hit round of 2002 and still one of my undisputed top choices. 

At last, there's Niko Bellic from 2008's GTA IV. Bellic's unique character configuration is much further developed than the others, however it's actually fascinating to perceive what a genuine rendition of the war veteran may resemble.

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